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Maine Cancer Plan


Maine Cancer Plan 2021-2025

The Maine Cancer Plan 2021-2025 marks the 20th anniversary of Maine’s first cancer plan, which was released in 2001. Maine has made great strides in cancer control over the past two decades; cancer death rates have steadily declined, and cancer screening rates are strong. Yet, cancer remains the leading cause of death in Maine.

The Maine Cancer Plan 2021-2025 follows the cancer journey from prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, palliative care, through end-of-life care. It lays out goals, objectives, and sets of actions that are proven to be effective. Importantly, the plan seeks to improve the lives of all Maine people and thus recognizes that the impacts of cancer are felt unevenly by our neighbors across the state. Our rural counties in eastern, western, and northern Maine have higher rates of new cancer and deaths from cancer. These areas tend to have older populations and fewer options for health care. Moreover, research shows that some populations experience greater impacts from cancer due to gender, race, ethnicity, education, income, disability, or age. At the heart of this plan is a call to action to address these inequities so all Mainers enjoy better health.

The plan can be used to learn more about steps to take for prevention and early detection of cancer, treatment, and survivorship. Health-care providers can learn more about the importance of holding discussions with their patients about their preferences for screening, treatments, and services. Policy makers can use the plan to understand priorities and the need to build capacity for palliative and hospice care services for all people. Stakeholders can see how their goals align with others to make a collective impact on cancer. 

Working together, we can make a big difference in reducing the burden of cancer in Maine. 



1. The Maine 2020 Annual Report of Cancer. Augusta, ME: Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention; 2021.

Maine Cancer Snapshot

The Maine Cancer Registry’s 2023 Maine Annual Cancer Snapshot summarizes data on newly diagnosed cases of cancer (cancer incidence) and deaths with cancer as an underlying cause (cancer mortality) among Maine residents with a focus on the most frequently diagnosed cancer types. This report is based on new cancer cases diagnosed in 2020 and cancer deaths that occurred in 2020. This time-lag is consistent with reporting standards used throughout the U.S. to ensure high quality cancer data. The snapshot also has a special section on cancer among adolescents and young adults (AYA) in Maine.


For questions or information, please contact: 

Program Manager
Comprehensive Cancer Control Program
Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Program Manager
Maine Cancer Foundation

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